School Management Software(SMS)
SMS is an application designed for management of schools covering administrative, transportation , library, curriculum, fee and administration management.

Benefits to Management:

  • Complete Automation of Operations.
  • More time to focus on Strategic Tasks.
  • Reliable and Secure.
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy.
  • Better informed decision making for management.
  • Automatic Updates.

Benefits to Administration:

  • High Level Data Security.
  • Manage School/class events.
  • Quick report generation.
  • Centralized data repository for trouble free data access.
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills.
  • Student Requisition and Fee challan.
  • Shortlisting of students.

Attendance and Payroll Management
Dedicated team of engineers and developers who are filled with enthusiasm and creativity which deliver high quality, cost effective and agile.

  • Multiple locations, Multi Companies and multiple attendance machine support.
  • Supports Multiple users Changing Password/Forgot Password.
  • Keeps employees records
  • Communicate with Attendance Machine.
  • Manages salary status, salary account of employee while considering:
    • Holidays, Weekly offs, Overtime, Incentives, bonuses and allowances.
    • Visitors Management, Data Selection, backup and restore facility.

Management Information System

  • Employee record/database management covering:
    • Name
    • ID
    • Contact No.
    • Address
    • Location & Department etc.
    • Salary calculation
    • Holidays
    • Incentives.
    • Over Time.
    • Other Allowances.
  • Periodic Reports relating to Loan, Advance, Incentive etc.
  • Conversion of files directly into PDF, Excel, TXT Formats.